Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Promote a New Blog Except Blog Directories and Forums

Learning how to promote your blog is the key skill for blogging success. Promoting and marketing your new blog will get readers and customers interested in your posts and products. Here are a few ways of promoting your site other than Social Media and directories.
  1. Your own website or blog: Place subscribe to Newsfeed button on the top of your site or blog.
  2. Email Marketing:  Send emails to existing and potential customers telling them about latest posts and products. You can also place subscribe to posts link in emails.
  3. Work on the existing Customer: Keep your current customers hooked and returning. They are the best to candidate to run a good word- of -mouth campaign for your blog.
  4. Use Physical Resources: Put blog posts on your storefront or office bulletin board. Put blog address on business cards, letter head and other stationary. Write articles about your blog on newspapers and magazines.
  5. Take out a Press release about the launch of your blog.
  6. Use RSS feed to launch and announce new posts
  7. Reply to Comments and questions. Go to other blogs and leave comments or pointers using your blog logo.

When promoting your blog try to think outside the box. Don’t just follow conventional routes but discover new ones.  Daily you update the blog and you write about the life and post this on web site. However, nobody reads them. After that you try to write about the new technology & gadgets hoping you get a few comments from readers at a next day but, not plenty of people comes on your web site. However you continue posting & updating the website daily, each night. After a little time, you know that you have to advertise and promote your web site however you do not know how. So, here I can share with you tips at how you can promote & get readers on your web site. I am not an expert in website advertising and marketing however I have little knowledge I wish to share with you.

Join Bloggers Forum

Participate in the bloggers forum and portals. You can introduce yourself & brief politely regarding your website. Tell what your web site is all about. I am very sure in each bloggers forum and there is the section where you may promote and show off the blog. You can post something out there.


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