Thursday, February 27, 2014

Re-Inventing The Marketing Standards

A lot has changed since the invention of first computer up till now. First it was a boy and a girl who use to run away and get married but now, a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl is doing the same. Boy things have really changed. But that is not what we are going to discuss here. We will be discussing about digital media marketing. Now we are going to find out that what is digital media marketing?
Simple, it’s all about getting your digital stuff such as text, videos, graphics, audio or all of them stored in digital format. Long are the days gone of storing all this kind of data in physical form that use to cause problem when you had to move any of these, or all, from one place to another. Now, one can easily move such stored information from one end of the world to another in no time just because of digital media marketing. Not only this, digital media marketing strategies have also contributed allot in promoting the product that were not even imagined before. But for that, one should know the right strategies to make things work in their favor otherwise they just might end up in losing money.

Knowing the Two Sides of Marketing: 

People often get confused when they hear the term digital marketing. They mix digital marketing with internet marketing but in actual, both are quite different from each other. It’s like having twins but one is a boy and other is a girl. Now when it comes to internet marketing, all of the marketing strategies that are adopted by Gurus stay till internet that is no internet no marketing. But this is not the case when it comes to digital marketing. Though internet has given a greater leverage to digital marketing and digital marketing strategists but its strategies can go beyond the internet boundaries. Digital marketing strategists can use Short Message Services (SMS) to get attention of their potential customers. Blogs, websites and cell phones are also important means of digital marketing channels. There is no doubt in the fact that digital media marketing has proven its worth and has become the most reliable and fast result oriented means of bringing the best desired results.

Push and Pull Marketing Strategies: 
There are many digital media marketing strategies but the two very basic and common types are push and pull marketing strategies. Pull digital marketing strategy involves in attracting the potential customers towards the product or services that are being offered. For example, advertisers use different kind of platforms so that they could attract their customers directly. Such kind of platforms involve blogs, websites, any video or audio sources etc. with the help of these platforms, you briefly explain your customer regarding your product or service and give your best to get your customer to buy what you are selling. But in the case of Push digital marketing strategies, things are quite different. In fact, it’s totally the opposite as in the case of pull strategy. In Push, you have to push your customer towards the service or product you are selling. Marketers often use SMS, calls, RSS feed to deliver their desired information to the customer so that he or she could be pushed and could be forced to buy that particular service or product.

Is Digital Media Marketing Reliable ? 

Well nothing is reliable now days. Advertisers spend tons of money on their marketing campaigns with great estimated results but sometimes, things just don’t go as they were suppose to go. Resulting great loss of time and especially money. So how come one can rely on digital media marketing methods. The answer to this is very simple. Don’t use one method of digital media marketing to market your product or service. Always use multiple methods so that if one does not work, the other might just do the trick for you. As explained earlier, digital marketing can be done both online and offline. So this makes things quite easy as now, one has more option to go for instead of sticking to just few channels in order to make progress. Doing online digital marketing will help you to get the young breed as most of them are found online in their leisure times. But in order to get a whole grip of the market, also target the oldies with the old fashion why that is by videos or any other such kind of marketing channel with which they are more comfortable.

All in all, digital media marketing has given a new hope to advertisers that now their marketing campaigns can me more successful than ever as they have many options to go for in order to shout out loud about their products or services.


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