Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Apple Iphone 6 Release Date, News & Rumors

We all heard about Tech Joint Company Apple. They has win their customers heart by their wonderful products. The last product of Apple is Iphone 5.  Already started a lot of rumor about Iphone 6 and those are got a lot of Popularity on their customers. When they released their products Iphone 4S and Iphone 5 then It was carries the hallmark of frustrated customers because Apple has been taking a lot of customers are expected to.

Now the Question is created to many customers that, How the next iPhone will be like ?

Which will be the next phone of Apple (Iphone 5S/Iphone 6) ?

Will be Any Different to look or be look like previous ?

Will we get 13 Megapixel Camera on the next Iphone 5s/6 ?
We have a lot of question about the next Iphone. So today I'm going to give answer of those question about Iphone. If you have more question about next Apple Product then you can comment on the Post or send me your question by email.

Apple Iphone 5S and Iphone 6 both are Different :-

We all still not sure yet that, which will be the next product of Apple Iphone 5S or Iphone 6, but After released Iphone 3G, Each iPhone is connected "S" Word with there next phones. For Example- Iphone 3GS, Iphone 4S. So It could be sooner that we've seen the iPhone 5S. But It might surprise us to find the Iphone 6 from Apple.

Iphone 6 Release Date:- 
Many People wants to get the Iphone 5S on their hands on this Summer and mostly people wants to get Iphone 6 on thier hands on this Spring.

Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek According to, We will get Iphone 5S first, other To see the face of Iphone 6 we need to still wait So far June, 2014. 

Iphone 6 Casing & Price :-

Numerously technician think that, The lining is made ​​of plastic and metal mixed design inside can be seen from the outside.

But some technician of KGI told- "Apple will be release their next phone which will be 75% lower price from their all last Iphone". 

But some people telling that the price of the next Iphone will be 399USD. But the probability is very low.

Iphone 6 OS, Storage & Processor:- 
Technician thought that Iphone 6 will be run by the new Operating System of Apple IOS 7. May we will get 128GB storage on the next Iphone 6/5S. May processor will now change on the new Iphone, we maybe get the quad core A7 on the new Iphone.

Camera & Video:-

We know that previous Apple bought camera lenses from Sony. We may get 13 Mega Pixel Camera on Iphone 6 which can be create high quality pictures in low lights. Here we can take and see High Definition(HD) Movie.

There will be a lot of change on skin of the next Apple Iphone. We may get 4.7inch both 5.7inch Iphone.

Iphone 6 Wireless Charging, Eye Tracking, FingerPrint Sensor:-
Almost people telling that, We'll get wireless charging system in new Iphone 6. I know we will be get that with eye tracking and FingerPrint Sensor!.
We have hearing a lots of rumors about Iphone 5s/6. but all were not correct. In Last I can tell that, we will be get a Higher quality systems in Iphone 5s/6.

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