Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The New Instagram, Dedicated to Girls?

Instagram has changed their look and got a new look but moodily the new Instagram got a girly look. Although the background is totally black and white but the new logos posses girls it's purple, orange and pink.

Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 when the app counted 40 million users and currently it has more than 400 million users. According to telegraph uk votes most of the users disliked the current view of instagram, because the old design is more recognizable than the current one. The new logo is colorful but the theme is totally black and white and it's the first redesign of Instagram.

Web Version
App Version
It's a huge different between the web version and mobile version, 50 percent of the web version stayed like older where the iOS/Phone version is totally changed to black and white theme.

What is your thoughts of the new look of Instagram? Is it dedicated to girls? 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Promote a New Blog Except Blog Directories and Forums

Learning how to promote your blog is the key skill for blogging success. Promoting and marketing your new blog will get readers and customers interested in your posts and products. Here are a few ways of promoting your site other than Social Media and directories.
  1. Your own website or blog: Place subscribe to Newsfeed button on the top of your site or blog.
  2. Email Marketing:  Send emails to existing and potential customers telling them about latest posts and products. You can also place subscribe to posts link in emails.
  3. Work on the existing Customer: Keep your current customers hooked and returning. They are the best to candidate to run a good word- of -mouth campaign for your blog.
  4. Use Physical Resources: Put blog posts on your storefront or office bulletin board. Put blog address on business cards, letter head and other stationary. Write articles about your blog on newspapers and magazines.
  5. Take out a Press release about the launch of your blog.
  6. Use RSS feed to launch and announce new posts
  7. Reply to Comments and questions. Go to other blogs and leave comments or pointers using your blog logo.

When promoting your blog try to think outside the box. Don’t just follow conventional routes but discover new ones.  Daily you update the blog and you write about the life and post this on web site. However, nobody reads them. After that you try to write about the new technology & gadgets hoping you get a few comments from readers at a next day but, not plenty of people comes on your web site. However you continue posting & updating the website daily, each night. After a little time, you know that you have to advertise and promote your web site however you do not know how. So, here I can share with you tips at how you can promote & get readers on your web site. I am not an expert in website advertising and marketing however I have little knowledge I wish to share with you.

Join Bloggers Forum

Participate in the bloggers forum and portals. You can introduce yourself & brief politely regarding your website. Tell what your web site is all about. I am very sure in each bloggers forum and there is the section where you may promote and show off the blog. You can post something out there.

Monday, March 24, 2014

SmartPhone Buyer’s Guide

Picking a smart phone seems to be an exercise which becomes more complicated each season as mobile phones become increasingly innovative.
Just when a customer believes he has all of the details he needs to create an informed option, some sort of new feature becomes all the anger. When one views that the pc which went the jet pilots to the celestial satellite had less processing energy than a four-function calculator, it’s awesome to consider what the modern smart phone can do and how far technology has come in just the last several years regarding these incredibly useful devices.

Choosing the Most Essential Features

Each smart phone customer is going to utilize his or her cellphone for a different purpose. While some customers may simply use their device for phone calls and text messaging, other customers might want to have as much energy as possible packed into their program. This means that the first thing to do when searching for a new cellphone is to identify the most important functions that one desires, and to then base their look for off of those factors.

For example, battery energy lifespan, huge picture, and app performance might be the most important functions for one customer, while another individual might be more focused on contact top quality and the body weight of the cellphone. Given all of the factors available in purchasing a smart phone, it is practical to list one’s “must haves” and to then look at mobile phones that provide all of those needs. There’s very little purpose to bargain on cellphone functions with all of the different gadgets that are available.

Operating System

Everything that a smart phone can do as well as its user interface with various applications and programs will depend on its os. Based on what a customer might want to do with his or her cellphone, getting the right os is important. Although many app makers are beginning to create their programs available for the biggest possible industry, the iOS (from Apple) still has a important lead in overall available programs. Android operating system is catching up to Apple’s popularity, while Windows and Blackberry mobile phones are a little further behind.

The Most Common Operating-Systems are:

Android – A very personalized free os that is easily changed, controlled, and shaped to fit whatever performance you have in thoughts. Android operating system has true multi-tasking abilities and the second biggest app shop.

iOS – A shut system. All programs look and operate with the a continual of the The apple company os in thoughts. IOS is a very secure and constant environment with little personalization functions. The display has a smaller footprint sized than most of it’s competitors, but the iPhone has the biggest app shop and selection of available accessories.

Windows and BlackBerry – The two other significant smart phone systems (Windows and BlackBerry) also have individual advantages, but reasonably it is too early to contact whether they will be successful since they haven’t achieved the level of app growth of Android operating system and the iPhone.

Carriers and Plans

Not all smartphones are available from every individual company. If a customer has been a customer of a particular cellular company for decades, he or she might be hesitant to change companies just to provide the need of a new cellphone. While not all smart phone customers are particularly devoted to their providers, there are often special discounts and commitment discounts that come with do it again business with only one company. This may mean that a customer could pick up a more costly cellphone with those special discounts applied. Taking a quick look at available mobile phones is a wise decision when beginning the smart phone look for.

Another option that will be needed once a customer has resolved on a company is which strategy will be appropriate. Group programs that provide customers the ability to put all of their gadgets on the same consideration along with details utilization are beginning to become well-known, but whatever details strategy is selected, it needs to be supervised after the smart phone buy to ensure that extreme details utilization doesn’t drive up bill cost. Keeping an eye on details utilization is extremely essential to avoid overages, and smartphones typically come with simple functions to help customers keep on top of their utilization with ease.

Call Quality

Smart mobile phones can do some wonderful things, but at their very primary they are still used as a interaction program. Using a smart phone like a traditional telephone remains one of its most well-known uses. A cool style and some excellent applications can’t create up for poor contact top quality. Finding a way to test out different mobile phones and their contact top quality is a beneficial investment of your efforts and energy and effort. Luckily, most mobile cellphone providers do provide retail stores where mobile phones can be examined. Beyond forcing all of the control buttons on the product, it’s essential to create sure contact top quality is examined as well.

Exterior Design and Physical Appeal

A simple check out of available smartphones from any significant company will usually display mobile phones in just about every shade of the spectrum. While selecting along with might be relatively simple, the real experience and look of the cellphone when it’s used can be a little more complex. Intelligent mobile phones with computer key pad will usually be wider (the key pad is often located in slide-out form) while mobile phones that provide a significant battery energy lifespan will be bulkier as well.

Another element of style which is important is how the cellphone actually seems when it’s in use. With some mobile phones, there is a unique feeling that the elements are very plastic-like and that the materials just don’t experience solid and durable. The experience and bodyweight of the cellphone along with its responsive attraction is definitely another purpose to keep the mobile phones in individual before any buys are created, so even if someone ultimately creates their buy online (usually to take advantage of special deals), going into a local operation to keep the cellphone first is important.

Battery Life

Batteries seem to be a subject of controversial conversation within the smart phone world. The only solution seen thus far for such problems has been the inclusion of a bigger battery energy on the smart phone, which has led to some rather significant gadgets. While a bulkier program isn’t likely to hassle everyone, holding a cellphone up to talk when it seems like a stone can irritate some customers.

The issue that empties an assortment energy the most on a smart phone is the use of programs, so if a individual is only talking on the cellphone as their primary use for the product, sometimes that big, large battery energy and cellphone aren’t actually needed. There are simple ear pieces that can help with extreme cellphone bodyweight so that the product can be placed in a handbag or pocket during use, but being able to keep a light and spry cellphone is more convenient.

Display and Screen Resolution

Many smart phone producers these days are seeking ways to expand the monitor dimension without making the cellphone the dimension a product program. This has led to some cross-over options that have hovered between the dimension a product and less sized smart phone, allowing for some of the improved performance that would be available on a product but would still be not available on less sized smart phone user interface.

The inclusion of just a portion of an inch of display area doesn’t seem like it would create a big distinction, but monitoring two mobile phones next to one another creates the distinction incredibly obvious. After several decades of offering a 3.5″ display and a 480×320 top quality, the latest The apple company iPhone created the jump to a 4″ display and a bigger high top quality of 640×1136. Some initial problems regarding the iPhone 4S when it came out centered around small sized monitor dimension even though the top quality had been improved by that point.

Generally, most of the display sizes of the latest smartphones available on the industry are going to be at least 4″ while some of the multiple or cross-over mobile phones might get as huge as 4.3 to 4.8 or even bigger on a select few. The best monitor dimension to choose is often going to be a option created in combination with the option regarding the overall dimension the entire program. Not everyone has the room to carry around what is basically a small product.


All smartphones these days have a photographic camera built in. Some producers will even promote the cameras inside these mobile phones as being excellent gadgets, but it usually will not have a large impact on the buy option. Cameras within smartphones will continue to be handy functions, but they still are not a proper alternative for a stand-alone photographic camera.

Basic Specialized Information

Two commonly mentioned functions of a cellphone are its processer rate and how much storage area the product offers. With each passing season, the mobile phones are getting quicker and it’s simple to figure out whether a cellphone will have a lot of storage area within it because it will be much more costly. Increasing the storage area space tends to add about one $ 100 onto the overall price. Getting the most storage area isn’t always the most important aspect in selecting a cellphone, but it is a important aspect for anyone with important multi-media and music selections that they want to shop on their smart phone.

Regarding rate, the concept that “faster is better” is always going to be appropriate. Whether someone only uses their cellphone sometimes for its innovative functions or whether someone is on the internet all enough some time to performs games on their cellphone every day, a fast processer will be recognizable. Today’s mobile phones have processor chips within them that competing the energy of a pc from just a few decades ago (or around 1.5GHz or higher) and so they are virtual powerhouses in a tiny dimension.

Advanced Specialized Specifications

Terms like “4G” and “3G” are bandied about with frequency in most advertisements for smartphones, but these conditions are simple enough to comprehend in that a 3G relationship is one that would allow a maximum of 400kbps, while a 4G relationship is supposed to be much quicker and provide improved performance and rate for applications and interaction.

There hasn’t been a lot of complying regarding the execution of 4G as a conventional rate. The additional status of “LTE” is thought by some to be a excellent signal of whether a 4G cellphone is in fact a important update over a 3G program. The reasons why a smart phone customer might want to seek out a 4G system will usually include web browsing, big downloading and big loading habits.

One of the most important problems regarding 4G accessibility and option is whether a consumer’s selected mobile cellphone company will provide a 4G system. Not all providers provide the biggest accessibility to such networks, so if someone lives in a particularly remote area, problems with 4G accessibility could become a problem.

Other technical elements which might be under conversation during a smart phone buy are whether a cellphone is CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) or GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).
The easiest way to comprehend these cellphone types is that a CDMA cellphone is going to keep its variety associated with the real device, while a GSM cellphone will have a program called a “sim card” installed within it that houses the contact variety and username and passwords. Recently, the majority of program producers have shifted to a GSM program conventional.

Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Banners for your Website

If you are hunting for affiliate marketing and advertising banners to location. World Wide Web affiliate advertising is a fairly recent concept, but web affiliate advertising and marketing has often worked out rather well for a lot of diverse enterprise owners who have offered affiliate advertising a try. World Wide Web affiliate advertising typically brings to thoughts ideas of affiliate marketing and advertising banners posted on ones internet site, and although there are other ways of utilizing affiliate advertising, this is possibly the most typical.
If you are searching for affiliate advertising and marketing banners to spot on your site, it is important that you try to pick the appropriate affiliate advertising and marketing banners. Some affiliate advertising banners are extremely colorful and total of graphics aimed at targeting your buyer base, who may be interested in the affiliate marketing and advertising merchandise or services. Even so, these involved affiliate marketing banners typically do not produce quite very good affiliate advertising and marketing outcomes. 1 of the reasons for this is due to the fact the affiliate marketing banner that is so complete of color, fancy text, pictures, etc. can take as well extended to load on several computers, as a result defeating the complete idea behind the affiliate marketing technique. It may possibly be more worth your affiliate marketing and advertising time and cash to uncover affiliate marketing banners that are based around text. A lot of enterprise owners who have employed web affiliate marketing have found that these text based affiliate advertising and marketing banners do not have any much less of a click rate than other affiliate advertising banners.
These text affiliate marketing links and banners are also most likely much less bothersome to your buyers. It is also advised that you be careful with the flashing affiliate advertising and marketing banners and blinking affiliate advertising banners. Even though these affiliate advertising and marketing tools can at times cause more clicks from your affiliate advertising target audience, these affiliate advertising and marketing tools are also quite bothersome. If there are affiliate advertising graphic ads that you make a decision to use as element of affiliate advertising and marketing techniques on your website, it will be smart to attempt to make certain that the affiliate advertising advertisement fits in with the theme colors and concepts of your web site as a lot as feasible. This will help the affiliate marketing boost rather than distract from your personal site. Affiliate advertising and marketing banners and affiliate advertising text links are undoubtedly beneficial for those interested in affiliate advertising.

Share YOUR ideas and comments on this post are welcome.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing can be very attractive way to generate money online. It has also made many people millionaires. But not everyone is able to Earn from Affiliate Marketing. In fact most of the newbie’s fail to earn some decent cash through Affiliate Marketing Program. You have to choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Program to Make More Money In this Post we will discuss on How to Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Program & Key points to look for in an Affiliate Marketing Program.

1. Product:

Choose a Product that you have personally tried & Tested. If you have faith in product you sell than you can easily recommend it to others. If you have a blog or site, then promote the products that cater to your website or blog niche. You can even conduct a small survey to see which the product people are looking for. If you are promoting through a affiliate network, Take Help of Your Affiliate Representative.
Remember that if you choose and try to sell product that nobody wants, you will never make money.

2. Payments & Commissions:
Choose & Sell only those products or services that can make you earn more. If you are using a particular affiliate network, cross check with others about what commission they are offering. Also check payment modes as some of the payment modes offered by the company may not be available for your country. Also check the Minimum Payout & Other general Payment Terms & Conditions & Choose the One which is Suitable for YOU.

3. Review of Company/ Affiliate Network & Trustworthiness:
Try to Work with Affiliate Network or Programs which are popular and are genuine. You can search on Google about Reviews & Complaints for the affiliate network you want to associate with. Remember that networks which have bad reputation can scam you and Waste Your Precious TIME. 

If you consider above factors, you will definitely succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Your ideas and comments on this post are welcome.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Re-Inventing The Marketing Standards

A lot has changed since the invention of first computer up till now. First it was a boy and a girl who use to run away and get married but now, a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl is doing the same. Boy things have really changed. But that is not what we are going to discuss here. We will be discussing about digital media marketing. Now we are going to find out that what is digital media marketing?
Simple, it’s all about getting your digital stuff such as text, videos, graphics, audio or all of them stored in digital format. Long are the days gone of storing all this kind of data in physical form that use to cause problem when you had to move any of these, or all, from one place to another. Now, one can easily move such stored information from one end of the world to another in no time just because of digital media marketing. Not only this, digital media marketing strategies have also contributed allot in promoting the product that were not even imagined before. But for that, one should know the right strategies to make things work in their favor otherwise they just might end up in losing money.

Knowing the Two Sides of Marketing: 

People often get confused when they hear the term digital marketing. They mix digital marketing with internet marketing but in actual, both are quite different from each other. It’s like having twins but one is a boy and other is a girl. Now when it comes to internet marketing, all of the marketing strategies that are adopted by Gurus stay till internet that is no internet no marketing. But this is not the case when it comes to digital marketing. Though internet has given a greater leverage to digital marketing and digital marketing strategists but its strategies can go beyond the internet boundaries. Digital marketing strategists can use Short Message Services (SMS) to get attention of their potential customers. Blogs, websites and cell phones are also important means of digital marketing channels. There is no doubt in the fact that digital media marketing has proven its worth and has become the most reliable and fast result oriented means of bringing the best desired results.

Push and Pull Marketing Strategies: 
There are many digital media marketing strategies but the two very basic and common types are push and pull marketing strategies. Pull digital marketing strategy involves in attracting the potential customers towards the product or services that are being offered. For example, advertisers use different kind of platforms so that they could attract their customers directly. Such kind of platforms involve blogs, websites, any video or audio sources etc. with the help of these platforms, you briefly explain your customer regarding your product or service and give your best to get your customer to buy what you are selling. But in the case of Push digital marketing strategies, things are quite different. In fact, it’s totally the opposite as in the case of pull strategy. In Push, you have to push your customer towards the service or product you are selling. Marketers often use SMS, calls, RSS feed to deliver their desired information to the customer so that he or she could be pushed and could be forced to buy that particular service or product.

Is Digital Media Marketing Reliable ? 

Well nothing is reliable now days. Advertisers spend tons of money on their marketing campaigns with great estimated results but sometimes, things just don’t go as they were suppose to go. Resulting great loss of time and especially money. So how come one can rely on digital media marketing methods. The answer to this is very simple. Don’t use one method of digital media marketing to market your product or service. Always use multiple methods so that if one does not work, the other might just do the trick for you. As explained earlier, digital marketing can be done both online and offline. So this makes things quite easy as now, one has more option to go for instead of sticking to just few channels in order to make progress. Doing online digital marketing will help you to get the young breed as most of them are found online in their leisure times. But in order to get a whole grip of the market, also target the oldies with the old fashion why that is by videos or any other such kind of marketing channel with which they are more comfortable.

All in all, digital media marketing has given a new hope to advertisers that now their marketing campaigns can me more successful than ever as they have many options to go for in order to shout out loud about their products or services.